Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Installing RustDesk Server: A Free and Open-Source Alternative to AnyDesk


With the recent announcement from AnyDesk about license requirements by August 31st, many users are exploring alternative remote desktop solutions. One promising option is RustDesk, a free and open-source self-hosted remote desktop software. In this guide, we'll walk through the installation process for setting up RustDesk Server on your Linux server.


Before we begin, ensure you have:

  • A Linux server (Debian 12/Ubuntu 24.04 LTS) with 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM and 10 GB disk 
  • SSH access to your server with sudo privileges
  • Basic knowledge of terminal commands

Step 1: Creating a Separate User

It's a good practice to create a separate user account for running RustDesk Server:

sudo adduser rustdeskuser

Follow the prompts to set a password and other optional details for the new user.

Step 2: Setting Up Firewall Rules

Configure the firewall to allow necessary ports for RustDesk:

sudo ufw allow 21114:21119/tcp
sudo ufw allow 8000/tcp
sudo ufw allow 21116/udp
sudo ufw enable

Step 3: Downloading and Installing RustDesk Server

Switch to the new user account and proceed with the installation: 

su - rustdeskuser
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

Step 4: Configuring RustDesk Server

Follow the prompts during the installation to configure RustDesk Server. This may include setting up administrative passwords and confirming installation paths.

Step 5: Starting RustDesk Server

Once installation completes, start RustDesk Server:

sudo systemctl start rustdesk
sudo systemctl enable rustdesk

Step 6: Not Down RustDek Server credentials & Key

Step 7: Accessing RustDesk Dashboard

Open your web browser and navigate to http://your_server_ip:8000 to access the RustDesk Server dashboard. Log in with the credentials you set during installation.

Step 8: Connecting to RustDesk Server

Download the RustDesk client from official RustDesk website and connect to your server using its IP address and the port specified during installation.

Download Debian/Ubuntu client: Release 1.2.6 · rustdesk/rustdesk (

RustDesk Server provides a viable alternative to proprietary remote desktop solutions like AnyDesk, offering flexibility and control over your remote access needs. By self-hosting RustDesk, you ensure data privacy and compliance with your organization's policies. 

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