Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Solving Issues When Removing and Recreating Koha Instances

Removing a Koha instance seems like a straightforward task, but encountering hurdles in the process is not uncommon, especially when attempting to recreate the instance with the same name. Let's walk through a scenario where removing a Koha instance named "test" encountered an unexpected obstacle and how it was resolved.

The Problem:

Attempting to remove the Koha instance named "test" using the command sudo koha-remove test, I encountered an error indicating that the user "test-koha" associated with the instance was still in use by a process with PID 3214. Despite trying to manually delete the user and kill the associated process, I faced challenges in removing the Koha instance.

The Solution:

Identifying the Culprit:

I identified that the user "test-koha" was still being utilized by a process with PID 3214, which prevented the removal of the Koha instance.

Terminating the Process:

Using ps -p 3214, I located the process consuming the user "test-koha" and terminated it with sudo kill 3214, ensuring that the user was no longer in use.

Retry Deletion:

With the process terminated, I attempted to delete the user "test-koha" again using sudo userdel test-koha, successfully removing it this time.

Recreating the Koha Instance:

After resolving the user deletion issue, I could proceed with recreating the Koha instance named "test" without any hindrance.

When encountering difficulties in removing a Koha instance, it's crucial to identify and terminate any processes utilizing associated users. Once resolved, recreating the instance with the same name should proceed smoothly.

NB: When dealing with system processes and user management, careful attention to detail and troubleshooting skills are essential for smooth operations.

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