Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Using Koha as a Mini Digital Repository

Yes, of course, koha can be used as a mini digital repository, where you can upload any digital contents like question papers, PPTs, study materials, and syllabus, etc. by giving  metadata. This will be indexed by the koha's search engine zebra, so the contents will be seen and accessible from both staff interface and opac with an exclusive link created by software.

This can be configured by appending the plugin (that comes by default in your koha) with your desired MARC bibliographic framework and upload contents while you catalogue. 

Assign OPACBaseURL

The first step is assigning the OPACBaseURL in Koha > Administration > Global system preferences


Add the plug-in in Bibliographic framework

Goto Administration > MARC Bibliographic Framework > Books, Booklets, Workbooks > MARC Structure

Search for Tag 856$u

Upload documents while cataloguing

Click on the upload icon on 856$u field.

Upload file

Choose the file to include in 856$u field.
Click on the Choose button to add the file URL to the field.

Search in OPAC for the newly catalogued book and see the document link appeared in the details.

The uploaded files are stored in directory koha_upload under /var/lib/koha/library/uploads/

To see the list of documents uploaded in the koha_upload, run this command 

ls /var/lib/koha/library/uploads/koha_upload

Backing up the koha_upload folder

sudo su
apt install -y zip unzip
cd /var/lib/koha/library/uploads
zip -r /home/username/koha_upload-$(date +%d-%m-%Y-%H.%M).zip koha_upload

Automate the task

sudo su

crontab -e

*/60 * * * * cd /var/lib/koha/library/uploads && zip -r /home/username/ koha_upload

You can even change the backup destination folder to your Dropbox folder so that It will sync the file backup (koha_upload)

*/60 * * * * cd /var/lib/koha/library/uploads && zip -r /home/username/Dropbox/ koha_upload


After every up-gradation of koha the directory koha_upload may be vanished, so you have to move the contents of to the /var/lib/koha/library/uploads/koha_upload for that put the to the home directory of your koha server, then run this command. the same thing you need to do while you move from one host to new host

sudo unzip -j -d /var/lib/koha/library/uploads/koha_upload


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