Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Configure Email in Koha using In-built SMTP Module

Configuring email in koha was a back-breaking task as far as the normal professionals are concerned, as It requires Linux command line knowledge, we had to install and configure any MTA  (Mail Transfer Agent) services like Postfix/Exim in the koha server. but with version 20.11 the community has added an easy-peasy method of setting up SMTP from the librarian interface. Let us see how to do that.

  • An email address for the library, If you do not possess one, create a new one. ( for the demonstration I use Gmail, you can use any)
  • Koha Version 20.11 ( If you are using an older version upgrade to the 20.11 or later)

Upgrade to Version 20.11 or later

It is recommended to upgrade the version of koha latest version so that you will get new features that the koha community added. Do upgrade koha properly.

Enable Two-step verification and Create App password for Koha SMTP

By 2020 Google has turned off less secure app access to G Suite accounts and brought two-step verification for better security. you can enable TSV by watching the video

SMTP Setup

Configure in the SMTP Server page under Additional parameters in Koha administration

Go to Home --> Administration --> Additional parameters --> SMTP servers  --> New SMTP Server

Name: GMail
Port: 465
SSL: SSL (authentication)
User name:
Password: theapppassword

Step: I


Step: II

Update in the branch library details, 

Go to Home --> Administration --> libraries --> choose your library update SMTP server selecting the new one we have created 

You are ready to send emails from koha, Cheers 


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