Saturday, November 27, 2021

Create Library Membership Card using gLabels Software


GLabels is a free software tool to generate labels/barcodes for various purposes. GLabels can be used for creating library membership cards as well.    

Install gLabels

Either you can search and install glabels from the Debian/Ubuntu Software Center.

sudo apt install glabels

You can find Glabels in Application > Office > Glabels

Prepare a list/report for membership card creation

Prepare a Report in Koha to get the list of the card number, name, course, category, date of birth, and expiration date

You can make use following SQL query to generate the above-displayed report.

Reports  > Create from SQL

SELECT  borrowers.cardnumber,borrowers.surname,borrowers.categorycode,borrowers.dateofbirth,borrowers.dateexpiry FROM borrowers 

Download the report as a .csv then add one more column to the sheet that contains the path of each patron image eg: create an "image" folder in the home then put all images in it,  so the image path of a patron will be /home/username/image/1000.jpg put that in the respective rows of the spreadsheet then save it. see the spreadsheet screenshot below.

If you are not using koha software prepare a spreadsheet that contains the above details and save it in .csv format

NB: remove the headers

Prepare Labels for ID creation

Download the template files from here, extract them. It contains a Glabels template and a sample CSV file. Open the Glabels template (id-membership.glabels) by clicking on the file.

See the template open in Glabels. Click on the merge button. You can change whatever field you want by clicking on it.

Attach the downloaded/prepared CSV file which contains a list of members 

You can see the details. Click OK and return to Glabels main screen.

Click on the print button to print barcodes in PDF. or you can get the ID's in a PVC from the shop that offers ID card printing

See the final result